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User Agreement

User Agreement

Before you may use this free ILIAS space (FLOWS), you will have to agree to a few simple rules:

  • Future Learning offers FLOWS free of charge for the purpose of testing and trying out of ILIAS

  • FLOWS may not be used for production purposes

  • Please respect each other's personal space

  • Everybody has access to the full user environment, so please do not put sensitive information on this system.

  • If this sandbox is not sufficient for your needs, please contact Future Learning for an upgrde to a hosted solution. We will assist you with the export of the objects that you have created so you may import these in your new environment.

  • We ask everone to be reasonable. If you are using this free environement in such a way that it affects others negatively, we will request you limit your use.

  • Future Learnign has the right, at her discretion, to remove your account at anytime without notice.

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